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************** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have changed our operations. We will no longer be able to offer repairs while you wait. You must drop off your console. We are only repairing PlayStation 4's (all generations)at the time. NOT PS3's Fee: $100.00 ************

If it can be fixed, we'll fix it. (please do not bring in systems infested with bugs or systems that have the blinking blue light.) Thank you in advance.



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Did your 'Playstation stop working? We can help.. We repair the infamous HDMI problem with broken/bent pins. We repair PS's 'BLINKING LIGHT' problems, overheating issues, power issues, freezing games & movies, glitching screens and more. If your Playstation  no longer plays games and/or Blu Ray movies. We can fix it.. Did it freeze while updating? We can fix it.. Does your Playstation turns on for a few seconds and automatically turns back off?   

Don't send your Playstation to SONY and wait 5 to 6 weeks only to lose your original system with a refurbished unit, bring it to us and we will repair it for you. You can ship your unit from anywhere in the country. Call today!

                                         (612) 462-0857



-There is a $40 service charge if we cannot repair your PlayStation.

 -We have a 95% success rate at repairing Playstations. Our specialty is with Playstations and only Playstations only. BE SURE TO ASK the competition about their success rates. We are the 2nd oldest repair shop around the Twin Cities. However, our services & Google rank us #1 in Minnesota. Where else can you go and have your system repaired while you wait? NO WHERE. 99% of our services are done while you wait, watch, & learn very important details about your beloved Playstation 3.

-We have a 99.99% success rate for repairing the YLOD also known as the Yellow Light Of Death (Motherboard CPU & GPU overheating), on the original 4 USB/ memory card slot/ 60/80gb Backward Compatible model PS3's (CECHA01/CECHE01).

-90 Day Manufactures Warranty on replacement parts.

-Most repairs, including drive/laser repair, power module replacement, hard drive replacement/formatting, system cleaning, and many more you can wait and actually watch it be repaired taking as little as 20 minutes.

-We repair Playstations and only Playstations so our knowledge is bar none the best in the local industry. Our focus is on the Playstation and everything surrounding this PS community from the latest firmware update to the new Playstation 4.

-Ask our competition if they even own a PS. Ask the competitors if they use *Flux* to reflow their boards with damaged processor chips. If they use *Flux* as we do, ask what kind. It is very important to use flux when repairing motherboard issues or whenever solder is involved. Test their knowledge and wisdom.

-We have been repairing Playstation's since 2009 and have testimonials from real customers. Take a look on the right side of the page. See you soon.  

~Interesting Facts:

Some of our competitors have "duplicated" our FAQ page to confuse you, do not fall victim. 

Some of our competitors were also once our customers..These companies include but not limited to; PC Gecko, Games N Go (Rosedale & Brooklyn Center). YES, we do have proof to back this statement up. Check out this broadcast from KARE-11 news featuring one of our competitors:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnx8R-f165M

Check out this Ripoff report also: http://www.ripoffreport.com/work-at-home/pc-gecko-ufo-seo/pc-gecko-ufo-seo-charles-shuck-33d26.htm

-We are the ONLY Playstation Repair shop that allows in house repair while you wait on 99% of all repairs.


Mike & Mike's PS3/PS4 Repair Service

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Located: 829 E. 7th Street, ST. PAUL, MN 55106

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